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ImCheck Therapeutics is a privately-held French biotech company pioneering the next generation of immune checkpoint modulators with a highly-differentiated & diversified portfolio of first-in-class therapeutic antibodies in cancers and auto-immunity.

With a “precision medicine-based” translational approach and several established academic collaborations with renowned institutions, ImCheck is uniquely positioned to develop theragnostic candidates for precision & personalized medicine in cancers and auto-immunity diseases.

To-date, ImCheck is developing two first-in-class immunomodulator antibodies and is advancing several discovery programs on undisclosed targets, all playing a defined immune-modulating role in both innate and adaptive immunity.

Member of the European immunology cluster Marseille Immunopole (MI), ImCheck is based within the Institut Paoli-Calmettes in Marseille and is engaged in an active recruitment effort.

A spin-off of the C.R.C.M., Marseille’s Cancer Research Center (IPC, CNRS, Inserm, AMU), ImCheck was founded in 2015 around discoveries of Professor Daniel Olive, a worldwide recognized leader in innate immunity & co-signaling molecules, Professor of Immunology at Aix-Marseille University & Institut Paoli-Calmettes and Head of the immune monitoring program for early-stage oncology clinical trials at IPC, the company has secured worldwide exclusive IP rights for its pipeline from Inserm Transfert and SATT-SE.

ImCheck’s translation research platform, where discovery and development of new generation therapeutic antibodies are conducted, has been financially supported by the European Union through its European Regional Development Fund.
The amount granted was: €717,000




The comprehensive bench-to-bedside research environment offered by the Marseille Cancer Research Center, the Paoli-Calmettes Cancer Institute, and Marseille Immunopole provides favorable conditions for our team to conduct discovery & clinical research in the field of immunotherapy. We will continue to actively explore and monitor patients’ immune response with the goal to develop molecules with strong impact on co-signaling pathways controlling adaptive and innate immune cells and overcome the resistance to currently available treatments.

Pr. Daniel Olive, MD, PhD, Founder & senior scientific advisor of ImCheck Therapeutics
Head of the Immunity and Cancer Department - Cancer Research Center of Marseille, France.

Our Approach


The concept of mobilizing the patient’s immune system to fight cancer has been known and studied for decades. The field turned a corner in 2011 when the FDA first approved the use of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, a new generation of cancer immunotherapy.

Immune Checkpoints refer to the multiple molecular signaling pathways modulating the duration and the amplitude of the immune response to prevent collateral tissue damage. Over the course of the disease, cancer cells usually exploit these checkpoints to evade recognition by immune cells and thus, avoid anti-tumor immunity.
Immune checkpoints are triggered by interaction between receptors and ligands (the molecules that bind to theses receptors), and can be modulated by antibodies to restore the ability of certain white blood cells to detect and kill tumors (or to decrease their hyperactivity in autoimmunity).


Checkpoint-blocking antibodies targeting inhibitory receptors (Immune Checkpoints Inhibitors) on T cells such as anti-CTLA-4 and anti-PD-1 have demonstrated clinical activity across a variety of solid and hematological tumors. However patients response rate remains relatively low, highlighting the importance of developing next generation treatments and new combinations.

To overcome resistance and improve patients’ outcome, ImCheck is developing a unique & proprietary portfolio of next generation immune modulators.
Clinical trials with Immunotherapies have proven that appropriate predictive models and biomarkers are critical for patient selection. Thus,  ImCheck is implementing new translational R&D approaches combining predictive biomarkers development, experimental models based on freshly isolated human tumor samples and long established partnerships with a network of world class scientists.

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Award for ImCheck Therapeutics at the Aix-Marseille Innovation Awards

ImCheck Therapeutics awarded Innovation Start-up of the Year in Healthcare at the Aix-Marseille Innovation awards.

The inaugural « Aix-Marseille Innovation awards», sponsored through the collaboration of the Aix Marseille University, Aix-Marseille French Tech, Protisvalor and the SATT Sud-Est (French national technology transfer accelerator of the South-East), recognize outstanding efforts in advancing academic innovation toward commercialization.  ImCheck was selected from a range of early-staged life science companies in the South-East region of France based on its rapid progress in bringing new discoveries in cancer immunology research toward clinical evaluation.

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Understanding the complexity of the immune response to tumors and identifying new biomarkers to predict patient benefit from new immunotherapies, requires multi-disciplinary and highly motivated candidates working in a collaborative environment. ImCheck is in the process of developing ambitious programs which build on dynamic exchanges between researchers of the Cancer Research Center of Marseille, clinicians of the Institut Paoli-Calmettes and its worldwide network.

Together, we share a wide-range of experience in immunity and cancer as well as in first-in class drug candidates’ development which are aimed at tackling new strategies and strengthening existing cancer treatments. 

We are currently seeking exceptional talents to join our team.

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