Florent GROS

MBA Earlybird Venture Capital

Partner, Earlybird Venture Capital
Florent Gros has 28 years of expertise in investment and intellectual-property management in the biopharma space. With an educational background in biotechnology, patent and private law, as well as a Kauffman Fellowship, Florent has successfully seeded, invested and managed many startups during his 15 years at the Novartis Venture Fund. Florent has also founded three biotech, one of which was sold in 2020 (Handl Therapeutics). Florent has joined Earlybird as a full partner as part of the Health II fund. He led the financing for Novartis Venture Fund’s as a co-investor in Earlybird Health I portfolio company, Oculis, and he is the co-founder and CEO of the leukemia biotech Priothera, another Earlybird Health I portfolio company.