BTN3A activating antibody in clinical trial in immuno-oncology


About this program

ICT01 is a humanized, monoclonal antibody that activates γ9δ2 T cells, which are part of the innate immune system that is responsible for immunosurveillance for malignancy and infection, by targeting BTN3A (also known as CD277), a member of the butyrophilin superfamily of immuno-modulatory targets.

BTN3A is expressed on the surface of innate and adaptive immune cells (T cells, B cells and NK cells) and is overexpressed on a number of solid tumors (e.g., bladder, breast, colon, gastric, melanoma, ovarian and prostate) and hematologic cancers (e.g., leukemia & lymphoma). BTN3A appears essential for the activation of the anti-tumor immune response of γ9δ2 T cells.

ICT01 selectively activates circulating γ9δ2 T cells that leads to migration of γ9δ2 T cells out of the circulation and into target tissue (e.g., tumors or infection site).  ICT01 has been shown to have anti-tumor activity against a range of cancers in in vitro and in vivo tumor models.

Mechanism of action


Clinical development: EVICTION (EValuation of ICT01 in Immuno-ONcology) First-in-human, international, multi-center trial

ImCheck initiated its Phase I/IIa clinical trial with ICT01 in the first quarter of 2020. Named EVICTION (EValuation of ICT01 in Immuno-ONcology), the study is a first-in-human, two-part, open-label clinical trial to assess the safety, tolerability and activity of ICT01 as monotherapy and in combination with an immune checkpoint inhibitor in patients with advanced, relapsed/refractory cancer, including both solid and hematologic tumors that express BTN3A. The trial is an international, multicenter study that will be conducted in Europe with clinical trial applications planned in the United Kingdom and the United States.

More information on the  EVICTION trial can be found at https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04243499.


ICT01 Clinical Advisory Board

Marc Bonneville, DVM, PhD
CSO of Institut Merieux
Former Director of the INSERM Cancer Research Center Nantes

Richard Buller, MD, PhD
Independent Consultant, Oncology Diagnostic and Drug Development Consulting, LLC
Former VP Oncology Clinical Development, Pfizer

Johann de Bono, MD, PhD
Head of Division on Clinical Studies at the Institute of Cancer Research, London
Director of Drug Development Unit and Head of Prostate Cancer Targeted Therapy Group

Aurélien Marabelle, MD, PhD
Clinical Director, Cancer Immunotherapy Program at Gustave Roussy

Daniel Olive, MD, PhD
Head of the Cancer Research Center Marseille
Professor of Immunology and Head of the Oncology Research Program at Aix Marseille University
Scientific Founder of ImCheck

ImCheck’s first clinical trial started in 2020

Paul Frohna MD, PhD, PharmD

Chief Medical Officer

ImCheck’s first clinical trial started in 2020

Our entry into the clinic is a significant milestone for ImCheck and is the result of rigorous translational research needed for a first-in-human trial. ICT01 is followed by a robust pipeline of exciting antibody discovery programs addressing novel targets in immuno-oncology and auto-immunity.